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Testimonials - What People Are Saying

"We were very fortunate to have been able to send our four children to Our Lady of Fatima. We honestly stumbled on the school when our first born was in pre-school and from her start in kindergarten on, it became a second home to all six of us. Fatima was their academic and spiritual life plus our social life. It was a place of discovery, friendship and fun. We were blessed that our children could practice their faith in their daily school routine, while receiving a quality education. They learned intangibles like: service, confidence in public speaking, leadership, sportsmanship and what being an extended family means. The greatest thing about a grammar school experience is that friendships from pre-K 3 to grade 8 are possible and encouraged. Big kids take care of little kids and little kids keep things real. I know my children and our entire family will forever be bonded with OLF – we have a special shared Christian experience and lifelong friends."
Former OLF Parents

“… you must know that I have nothing but praise for the school and its staff. And my appreciation has only grown in the last week (which I couldn't have thought possible). We have moved to a school that is considered the "best elementary school" in AZ--with a massive focus on academics. So much, that they teach an entire grade up--which was incredibly intimidating as a parent. I know this is just the first week here in our new school, but I have already received huge compliments on my children's ability to handle the new curriculum. Also, the children have been praised for their manners and kind nature. While I would like to take the credit for this as a parent, the reality is that they spent 6 hours a day with your staff. These teachers formed them into the students they are---and I hope you realize this. My son was praised for his ability to lead in their STEM classes this week--and science was not his strongest subject, and for me to hear this makes me so proud and so happy that he was prepared by the best in CT.”

Julie Price
Former Parent

“Best decision we ever made! Our daughter is happy smiling! Her grades are excellent! Everyone is nice and welcoming! I feel like a family now!”

Norma Gama
Current Parent

“Our Lady of Fatima School is a wonderful place. The teachers are so caring and there is a real sense of community and family. The kindergarten graduation is the cutest thing you will ever experience!”

Keith and Amy Heffernan
Alumni Parents

“Perfect academic and community environment for my daughter to thrive. Couldn't have picked a more perfect school to nurture her love of learning, service to others and family, respect and dedication. Small classes ensure 1:1 attention and strong bonds formed between all students. Faculty are hardworking, fun, smart and love their jobs. Older students take younger ones under their wing and the community feels like family.”

Courtney Paige
Current Parent

“Best decision we ever made. Not only is the school academically strong but they provide such a fun and nurturing environment for the kids. It really feels like a community.”

Joanne Salageanu
Current Parent

“A nurturing environment for children through 8th grade.”

Dara Reid
Alumni Parent

“Wonderful education, great teachers, and awesome community.”

Robert Rutkowski
Former Parent

“At OLF, we are surrounded by parents with similar values who are truly invested in their children's education. The teachers are fantastic, and are able to give each child individual attention due to the small class sizes. It is a school where kindness and integrity are valued and encouraged as highly as academic excellence. It is great knowing that the values we work to instill in our children at home are being reinforced at school.”

Parent Review

“Before we relocated to Charlotte, NC my daughter Melanie attended OLF in Wilton, CT. Leaving CT was a difficult decision, but leaving the OLF community was even harder. Melanie had a wonderful experience in Kindergarten with Mrs. Fiorentini! The school has a great balance of academics, individual achievement, and solid catholic values. I would highly recommend OLF to any family looking for quality education in a nurturing environment.”

The Berman Family
Former Family

“Our Lady of Fatima is a sweet and wonderful school made up of amazing teachers and kind, respectful students. My son had an incredible experience at OLF where there is a fantastic blend of academics and religion. When we moved, one of the hardest things was seeing him cry knowing it was his last day at a school he loved so much.”

Eileen Borowiec
Former Parent

My family will forever be grateful to Our Lady of Fatima for the priceless education that my children received. While academically speaking the education was extremely competitive with other schools in the area in math, reading, & science skills, OLF taught our kids the most valuable and priceless of lessons: those of faith, respect, and compassion. What they learn at OLF is gradual, their day seemingly no different than other kids from other schools, but as a parent, you see it in the little things: from them being excited about a story discussed in religion class that day, to discovering they know the entire Star Spangled Banner at a sports game, to them asking if they could donate half of their birthday money to charity. All it takes is a grain of sand.... OLF is just that.
Paula Restrepo
Former Parent

I've always been a little shy in large group settings and a little mischievous in small group settings! In third grade my teacher told me I could be the leader for a project, I was scared, but she believed in me. In sixth grade, my basketball coach told me I was a leader on the team "play well - you set the tone for our team- be big and they will follow". In high school it's harder to be the leader, but in moments where I've had to choose between right & wrong - I was glad I went to OLF and that from a very young age I was taught to stand up and be a leader, even when I didn't think I could.

Alumni, Class of 2013

I attended OLF from the time I was 2 1/2 years old until 8th grade graduation. I've learned a few things since I left: some schools have more than one classroom per grade, some kids don't even know other kids that go to their school, and some parents can't name all the family members of everyone in your class - you're probably laughing at these "lessons". But at OLF, it's like naming your family members. I didn't have the middle school pressures that people I met talked about in high school & college - we looked out for each other. When we separated and went to different high schools, we stayed in touch through social media, alumni games back at OLF, the occasional dinner at Orem’s. But going into my junior year in college, I am happy that I have the foundation that Fatima gave me. I'm thrilled where our education has taken my additional "siblings" and me but most of all I'm thankful that I know these families will always be in my corner and I can always go back to MY school and feel like I'm at home - and yes, I will have to fold the chairs after the event, just like cleaning up at home & I LOVE it!

Alumni, Class of 2010

Our Lady of Fatima is school that promotes high standard of excellence in a loving and supportive environment.
My experience at OLF has given me a foundation of faith, community and service. At OLF our teachers know us individually and encourage us to reach our potential. With the support of the Fatima community we learn how important it is to trust, serve and love. We participate in food drives, clothing drives, and toy drives. We can play basketball, field hockey, running, or be part of the pep squad, the band or student council. I have been given the gift of friendship and community that will support me in my high school years.

Alumni, Class of 2016

It's hard to choose a school when your oldest child is starting - thank goodness Our Lady of Fatima recognized that and did everything possible to make my family comfortable. Having the benefit of hindsight, I can say for all the pros and cons - I would do it all over again and enjoy every minute of it. OLF focuses on the whole child; the good, the bad, and the challenging! It is a safe environment that helped me raise two mature and well balanced children. I am most thankful for the compassionate way the teachers taught, got involved, and truly cared for my children. From the multi aged programs - sports, after school, before school, play, and book buddies (one of my favorites!) - my kids grew up in a loving environment and were able to emulate the values, compassion, and kindness that was shown to them by administrators, teachers, and older kids at OLF. They were well prepared for the rigors of high school & college, both socially and academically.

Alumni Parent, 2 graduates

I could never truly thank Fatima enough for giving me such a strong beginning to help me discover the subjects I was passionate about. The teachers thoroughly enjoy the subject they are teaching, and students are taught to be independent and engaged, learning how to think for themselves which is one of the greatest gifts Fatima has given me. The foundation I received from Fatima has always made me strive for academic excellence.
An important part of my Fatima experience was playing sports. Fatima sports taught me not only the basic skills of each sport but the importance of teamwork, dedication, determination, endurance, and the drive to succeed. Fatima teammates were not just teammates, they were my best friends, brothers, sisters, but most importantly my family.
Fatima has taught me how to be compassionate, kind, understanding, faithful, loving, respectful, and accepting. Because Fatima functioned as a home and a family for me I provided with the opportunity to discover who as a student and a person. I learned the true meaning of friendship, the importance of remembering, where I can from, and the ability to share my talents and gifts with everyone I meet in my life.

Alumni, Class of 2014

I never thought I'd be writing this as my child enters 8th grade. From the beginning my intention was for my child to attend the pre-school and then transfer to Wilton public schools. As I look back, I am grateful to the families that came before us that embraced us and showed us this is exactly the place you want helping you raise your children! My daughter, I am proud to say has benefitted from all aspects of OLF - the sports, the academics, the honor society, the play, the friendships, and the most of all - the protection of her childhood. Fatima is a place where the children all support each other, and to my and my husband’s amazement - care for each other like family. She loves the alumni game where she catches up with all the OLF friends that have graduated. She talks to her "old" babysitters like friends, she has made new friends of the younger kids and hopefully is setting the same example that was set for her. Our family has increased exponentially with every new registration at OLF. We are grateful & blessed.

Current Parent – Class of 2017

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