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We support and encourage OLF parents and family members to become involved in their student’s school and learning community. OLF parents are found serving our community by serving as HSA board members, event planners, coaches, marketing assistants, chaperones, or bolstering the success of any one of our OLF school community activities.

Volunteer opportunities are showcased at Open House each year, but there are a number of ongoing and unexpected needs throughout the year. We invite and encourage all parents and family members to get involved as your time allows - visit this link for a current list of available opportunities.

VIRTUS Training

All of our volunteers are required to be Virtus trained. Please visit the Virtus website and select “Bridgeport, CT (Diocese) from the dropdown menu to find a schedule of upcoming trainings in our area. If you need to renew your training (after 5 years), please contact Diane Favier, OLF School Administrative assistant at

Featured Volunteer Activities

OLF Recycling
Contact: Joseph Beggan
Saturday in front of the school 10:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Please bring your refundable cans, plastic and glass bottles!! Every nickel counts!! Don't have a place to store your recycling cans and bottles purchase a recycling box for $10.00. You can email me to place an order for a box or with any questions or if you would like to volunteer or simply make a donation!! Karin Beggan -

With your HELP, this year's recycling funds will go towards the purchase of 6 lifetime picnic benches

Parent Ambassadors

Our Parent Ambassador program exists to expand the reach and to increase word of mouth for OLF. Our parent ambassadors help us to share the good news of OLF with friends, volunteer at our admissions events, and host coffees in their homes for prospective parents. We wanted to take these efforts and organize them, providing clear strategies and goals for them and enabling them to see success through their efforts. If you are interested in helping us strengthen our community and increase enrollment, please contact:
Janet Dobos:

Room Parents

Room Parents serve as the communication link between the HSA and your child’s class, as well as between your teacher and the other class parents for class activities and school functions. Room Parents are the primary points of contact and the coordinator of class celebrations andhelp to organize parents to support HSA events throughout the year. Room parents begin their role at the start of the school year and continue until school closes in June. For any questions or to express interest, please contact:
Laurie Vallerie:

Download: Room Parent Guidelines

Something Special

Something Special contributes $20,000 cash each year to OLF as well as providing funding for specific gifts/improvements from time to time. OLF is the only beneficiary of Something Special and receives 100% of its net proceeds. The only request of OLF is that we collectively help staff the store during its hours of operation; specifically, we should have 2 people available from 12:30-4:30 pm each Saturday and Sunday for a an approximate total of 16 4-hour slots per month. Additionally, we are always looking for any individuals who would like to help us stage the store for the weekend. For questions or to volunteer in either capacity, please contact:
Courtney Olean Paige:

AMEN (Advanced Marketing Enrollment Network) Committee

The Advanced Marketing Enrollment Network (AMEN) steering committee consisting of administrators, marketing professionals, board members, faculty and parents exists to increase enrollment, retention and alumni relationships for Our Lady of Fatima school by creating a strategic marketing plan and aid in implementing the tactics.
If you are interested in participating, please contact Stan Steele:

HSA Events

The HSA hosts several fundraising events during the year. These volunteer opportunities are showcased at Open House each year, however there are a number of ongoing and unexpected needs that arise throughout the year. If you’re interested in participating, please contact:

Adrian Salageanu:
Michael Paige:

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